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Bastogne Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge guided tours - Bastogne area



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53 Rue de Wiltz


Phone +32 61 21 45 59

Mobile phone +32 497 703 971

Mail  robclam@gmail.com or robclam@voo.be






Day or half day tours - Private tours



Languages : English, French, German and Luxembourgish


 A visit of the fighting areas of the 101st Airborne Division and all attached and involved units

during the Battle of the Bulge in winter 1944 -1945



Before we start the tour i will give you some useful information about Mai 1940 - September 1944. 

General information about the Wehrmacht and SS units ...


 Examples of places which will be visited :  ( Your tour can be tailored )


- Schumann crossroads - National Liberation Memorial (GD Lux)- Set up of the defense of Bastogne

- 28th ID and CCR 9th AD area in the north of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - Task Forces Rose & Harper

- Longvilly, Mageret, Neffe - Team Cherry CCB 10th AD / German 5th Panzer Army ...

- General Mc Auliffe and General Patton squares

- Mardasson memorial, crypte and Eagle monument

- Band of Brothers area, "Jacques" woods, foxholes, attack on Foy ...

- Foy, Noville, Rachamps, Recogne - US temporary cemetery memorial ...

- Savy, Hemroulle, Rolley Castle, Champs - German assault on Christmas '44

- Breaking point Gen Patton's third Army - december 26, 1944 - "Boggess" bunker ...

- "Harlange pocket", Marvie - "Second phase" of the Bulge

 and ...

 We can also join Houffalize - PzKw V Panther tank on display in the City.                                                      









You can also contact my colleague Reg JANS reg.jans@telenet.be - he is fluent in English and Dutch.

Reg is also able to guide you on the Northern shoulder - Kampfgruppe Peiper ... 

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or Henri Mignon at henri_mignon@swing.be