Bastogne Battle of the Bulge


Some US Units present at Bastogne. INCOMPLETE LIST




10th Armored Division "Tiger" Combat Command B Commander Col William L Roberts - divided in three teams :

- Team Maj William R Desobry

- Team LtCol Henry T Cherry

- Team LtCol James O'Hara


101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles" MajGen Maxwell Taylor - Acting Commander until december 27, 1944

BrGen Anthony C Mc Auliffe


- 501st 502nd and 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

- 327th Glider Infantry Regiment (1-401st attached)

- 326th Airborne Engineer Battalion

- 377th 463rd Parachute Field Artillery Battalion

- 321st 907th Glider Field Artillery Battalion

- 81st Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion


- 705th Tank Destroyer Battalion Commanding Officer LtCol Clifford D Templeton 

- 755th 333rd 775th 969th Field Artillery Battalions



1019 Officers

14167 NCO'S & EM


12 Artillery Battalions - 130 guns



After december 27, 1944

- 4th Armored Division

- 35th Infantry Division

- 9th Armored Division

- 6th Armored Division

- 90th Infantry Division

- 26th Infantry Division




All Gave Some - Some Gave All



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